A successful virtual event for HCPs is like a Netflix show

A successful virtual event for HCPs is like a Netflix show


Case Study




The company wants to introduce and promote a range of products suitable for the treatment and prevention of influenza and seasonal viral infections to a wide group of medical professionals and pharmacists.  


  • Part 1: Virtual event with 4 panels lasting 8 weeks. Panels present various subtopics related to seasonal viral infections
  • Part 2: Webinar in a virtual online studio on a green screen



Part 1: 

  • Each panel lasting 2 weeks, each panel is accompanied by an invitation to target physician groups 
  • At the end of the virtual event, a final summary is sent with the most interesting opinions and comments
  • A topical topic relevant to a large number of different physician specialties and pharmacists
  • An attractive and well-known specialist is selected to moderate the virtual event 

Part 2:

  • Selected speakers are 3 of the most prominent specialists in epidemiology and virology in Bulgaria  
  • The selected topic is linked to the currently current Omicron version of COVID-19 and allows physicians to address their questions to the live speakers 
  • After the end of the webinar, the recording remains available for viewing for 10 days 



The pharma company selected 3 speakers 


  • Prominent specialists in epidemiology and virology 
  • Attractive presentation delivery 
  • Vast experience in front of camera 

Virtual studio: 


For our client we created special virtual studio to broadcast from during the live webinar


  • Based on company brand identity
  • Modern twist to the boring webinar 
  • Space to visually advertise products during webinar

 Technical Capabilities

  • Each panel contains video material for the respective subtopic  
  • Branding of each individual panel with a different company product via a banner system 
  • Doctors have the possibility to ask questions to the individual subtopics 
  • Building individual dashboard statistics to track the company's goals  
  • Sending branded personalized newsletters and invitations


  • 1126 physicians participated in the virtual event  
  • 130 comments from physicians 
  • 428 unique views of the videos in the virtual event   
  • 470 unique views of the webinar portion   
  • 5.3 times the average number of logins to the virtual event page 

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