CredoWeb Virtual Events - Secure, Invite-only Space for Doctors

CredoWeb Virtual Events - Secure, Invite-only Space for Doctors

Virtual Events in CredoWeb are one-month-long advisory boards moderated by Key Opinion Leaders where doctors can:

·       Discuss complex issues and keep up to date with medical advancements;

·       Get support on cases from your practice by colleagues at the top of their filed;

·       Become an opinion leader by commenting and sharing interesting cases;

·       Benefit from interdisciplinary exchange with colleagues that you otherwise rarely meet.

Whether a continuation of a congress or a seminar, or exclusively online discussion, virtual events are a secure invitation-only environment where doctors speak with doctors.

Participating in a CredoWeb Virtual Event is not strictly timebound. During the course of one month doctors can weigh in at their own convenience:

·       At the office or at home

·       Between patients

·       On the way to work

Participants are notified for discussion-related activities such as comments, likes, replies.

Highlights of the discussion are organized and sent via newsletter during the event and as a summary when the event is over.