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Digitalization of Pharmaceutical  Marketing

Digitalization of Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmaceutical marketing faces new realities – lower efficiency, higher costs, and increasingly difficult access to doctors taking control over their interactions with pharma companies. The pharma industry has been exceptionally slow to digitalize and already recognizes its strong and urgent need for upgraded digital marketing communication.

One of pharma companies’ challenge nowadays is to deliver improved results in successful patient cases which demonstrate the value of their drugs in the real world, not just in clinical trials, and at the same time to retain market access and premium pricing. The ultimate aim is for companies to go “beyond the pill” and provide outcomebased solutions which involve greater engagement with patients.

The rise of specialty products is another key factor for industry change. These products have become primary driver for innovative value growth in the pharmaceutical market. Specialty products new launches will drive the majority of pharmaceutical value growth. In the meantime, specialist physicians become the main focus for many companies’ commercial models.

As competition rises, access to a limited group of doctors becomes more difficult at a time when the new products and the information doctors need to know about them become more complex. Pharma companies should find additional means to provide doctors with greater information value, regarding treatment of rare diseases and complex patient cases.

Digital-engagement technologies open up a whole new world for marketing, exchange of information and recruitment for trials. Pharmaceutical reps and medical-science liaisons can use web and mobile communication to additionally inform and influence physicians and patients at a time of need.