Doctors Show Growing Interest in Interactive Forms of Communication

Doctors Show Growing Interest in Interactive Forms of Communication

Doctors prefer interactive forms of communication, in which they can participate in a convenient time on different devices - mobile, tablets and laptops. Medical specialists respond well to receiving personalized content and specialty-related scientific information. 

Тhis was the takeaway of the first Pharma NextGen conference organized by CredoWeb. The aim of the event is to create a forum for discussion of innovative trends in the healthcare- and pharma digital marketing industry.

For the past 12 months almost 9000 out of all 22 000 actively practicing doctors have participated in various virtual activities on CredoWeb - the largest online community of healthcare professionals in Bulgaria.

Which means that 1/3 of doctors in Bulgaria are being digitally active. For comparison, in Germany, digitally present physicians account to only 10%, according to statistics.

Pharmaceutical companies should work on improving the quality of digital content shared to doctors. Practice-oriented scientific information and personalized communication - these are the two pillars which enhance doctors' trust in the industry.

A series of captivating projects were presented by some of the pharmaceutical companies using CredoWeb as their digital marketing office tool. Amgen, Bayer, Ecopharm and Eli Lilly demonstrated implementation of susccessful integrated approach of offline and online activities that lead to better customer experience and long-term enagagment.

One month digital efforts equals ten months offline work. The only way to increase efficiency in pharma marketing and sales is to achieve a complete digital transformation of the entire company - these were the main messsages shared among companies that have already begun their digital marketing journey.