„Doctors who inspire“ – unique online vote among medical experts

„Doctors who inspire“ – unique online vote among medical experts

6 top medical experts in 6 medical specialties received their diplomas at a special ceremony in the Bulgarian capital Sofia after being selected in an unique online national vote by other doctors.  Over 100 respected medical experts from different specialties attended the off-line ceremony.

The campaign “Doctors who inspire” is the first of its kind among medical experts in Bulgaria. It was organized by the innovative platform for digital communication in healthcare CredoWeb. The main principle is that doctors nominate other doctors. The winner in each specialty is the doctor who gets most of the votes from his colleagues.

An event unprecedented in its value

For the first time emblematic names for the medical science in Bulgaria from different specialties urged for professional unity, devotion and even higher professional achievements in emotional speeches to the audience. 8 medical experts talked about their professional experience and inspiration at the event.

’Medical science is a combination between art, craft and science. Inspiration is a crucial element in art. Inspiration is also one of the great advantages of medical science“,  commented when receiving the award in Cardiology prof. Ivo Petrov from Acibadem City Clinic – Cardiovascular centre. 

Even in the difficult times we live we have to ask ourselves first what WE can do and give to patients, commented prof. Petrov.

The biggest challenge for a doctor is not to treat but to learn when to apply his knowledge in medicine and when not, admitted the neurosurgeon Dr. Emanuil Naidenov from “St. Ivan Rilski” University hospital.

"How precious is it to give somebody several more months to live…And on the other hand, do we need to help when we haven’t been asked for?”, commented philosophically Dr. Naidenov.

How different the online vote is

Usually patients nominate doctors whom they trust and whom they want to thank. Patients write letters with their personal stories, share these stories in social media, vote for their saviors in different ratings. 

Credoweb team decided to organize a different campaign which enables the medical society itself to nominate the most respected medical experts who are examples for all the doctors and urge their colleagues constantly to improve themselves. That’s how the campaign “Doctors who inspire” was born in May 2018.

Among the criteria for nomination are:

• The professor who inspired you to study medical sciences or a certain specialty;

• The colleague you admire;

• Young specialists who are the hope of next generation in the specialty;

• An innovator who is respected not only in his country but abroad;

• A successful hospital manager;

• A respectful leader


The online vote is going on in CredoWeb  –  now in the Pediatrics specialty.