Meeting Pharmacovigilance Requirements in a Digital Environment

Meeting Pharmacovigilance Requirements in a Digital Environment

There has been this common misconception that pharma companies are threatened by things getting out of hand if they decide to carry out any of their marketing activities online. Pharmacovigilance - this ominous word, is the proverbial boogeyman, scaring companies and causing actually promising projects to never be realized.

There are two arguments to be made:

Pharma is right to be worried

Yes, the digital world can be so open and miscellaneous that any pharma executive would consider delving into it beyond absurd. Collecting drug safety information is difficult as it is, so why would anyone in their right mind create circumstances for even more adverse reactions reporting? Especially, when people are freely looking for and accessing information, they are giving each other advices, and some even would go so far as to trust strangers on the web instead of their doctor.

Digital is not only safe but provides better monitoring environment

Adopting digital tools has nothing to do with jumping head first in an unknown domain where you don't have any control on what is going on, and the possible outcomes of your activities. It is about establishing your goals, knowing your target groups and, most importantly, finding the right tools. Yes, the online space might be vast and turbulent at times but with the right vessel one could navigate quite effectively reaching to their final destination.

And with specialized, customizable digital solutions for the pharma, a pharmacovigilance tool is a must. And now it is here:

CredoWeb Pharmacovigilance Tool

Use custom search engine to detect and collect important pharmacovigilance data in the CredoWeb platform. Receive alerts if the monitoring tool detects matches with the key words you have defined.

Monitor for mentions of your defined key words in:

  • Virtual events sponsored by your company and user activities within them
  • Comments connected to content posted by your company on CredoWeb
  • User comments in all public parts of the platform

Important practical information

To use the pharmacovigilance tool you need to ensure the following:

  • Provide at least one email address that will receive all notifications
  • There is an employee from the company registered on CredoWeb with this email address
  • Every time that you review alerts you are logged in the platform with the user receiving the alerts
  • The user has been invited and has joined all virtual events that you want to monitor
  • Email alerts are sent every day at 16:30 if there are new matches to your key words
  • You can cross match key words by substance and adverse effect: ex. Ibuprofen and skin rash. You will only receive a notification if both words appear in a user comment
  • When you receive an alert, you will see the author of the comment, the date and time the comment was made, the comment itself with highlighted key words match. You also have a link to the entire original content that you can access if you are logged in with the user receiving the alert

This is important for the employee performing the pharmacovigilance monitoring to have access to the content that they need to review.