Personalization of content – trends 2020

Personalization of content – trends 2020

Personalization emerges as the top most effective content strategy for pharma marketers in 2020.

This is one of the main conclusions of Digital Savvy Pharma Marketer 2020 report unveiled by Indegene, a global provider of healthcare solutions to life sciences and biotech companies. The report is based on responses from over 100 pharmaceutical and bioscience companies.

 Respondents confirmed that content personalization has generated maximum returns on digital investments, addressing the challenges of reduced face time for sales reps.

At the global level, personalization is followed by promotional infographics, and repurposing of content into videographics.

Geography is important

Effective content strategies vary depending on the region. In the Americas personalization includes retargeting and localization of content.  In Europe - adapting content to device compatibility and promotion of content through infographics. In Asia - personalization of content, repurposing content into videographics, and promotion of content through infographics.

According to Gaurav Kapoor, executive vice president at Indegene, “the pharma industry’s digital maturity journey is getting fast-tracked with a concomitant rise in digital adoption by HCPs and the need for personalization".

How to personalize content?

As much as 90 percent of consumers will find personalized products and services much more appealing, according to Content Marketing Trends 2020 report.

A more personalized e-mail based on the recipient’s online behavior is effective by as much as 3 times over the usual e-mail blasts, data show.

According to the report, video content is as strong as ever. We can use different video formats such as 1:1 video, Live or Streaming video, Interactive 360-degree video. The mere use of a video thumbnail in marketing or putting the term VIDEO in the e-mail’s subject would increase the open rate by as much as 19%.

Micro moments are going mainstream as customers’ digital journey is all that is relevant for the digital marketer.

Relevant content and interactive content

Content marketing that relies on relevant, well researched and regularly updated content is much more efficient and valued more by Google than following fancy SEO trends, experts advise.

Benefits from super targeting featutes

Interactive content, on the other hand, is something that 91% of consumers find as new and original. These may include virtual reality videos, quizzes and polls, interactive photos and ads, augmented reality ads and many more.

Also, allowing consumers to share their own consumer-generated content will help engage your targeted audiences, claims the report. Such content could be generated by offering participants different discounts and incentives.

So, being able to personalize content will enable you to step out of the crowd, make a targeted message and find your specific and loyal audience.