Benefits of Virtual Advisory Boards for Pharmaceutical Companies

Benefits of Virtual Advisory Boards for Pharmaceutical Companies

In the dynamic world of the pharmaceutical industry, the exchange of scientific information and strategic insights is paramount. Traditional advisory board meetings have long served as a platform for this exchange, bringing together thought leaders and healthcare professionals to collaborate and provide feedback.

However, the advent of technology and the need for social distancing have catalyzed a shift towards a virtual format.

Enter the Virtual Advisory Board (VAB), a game-changing solution that is revolutionizing the way pharmaceutical companies engage with advisors and gather feedback.

This innovative approach is not only reshaping the landscape of advisory boards but also redefining the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Concept of Virtual Advisory Boards

Virtual Advisory Boards, or VABs, are online platforms designed to facilitate discussion, engagement, and collaboration among thought leaders, healthcare professionals, and pharmaceutical companies.

Unlike in-person meetings, these virtual ad boards offer a flexible, cost-effective, and accessible platform for exchanging ideas and collecting insights.

They are a testament to the power of technology in transforming the way the pharmaceutical industry operates. With VABs, pharmaceutical companies can now tap into the collective wisdom of experts from around the globe, without the constraints of geographical boundaries and time zones.

Benefits of Virtual Advisory Boards for Pharmaceutical Companies

Increased Efficiency

One of the key advantages of a virtual advisory board in pharma is its ability to increase efficiency. With a virtual advisory board platform, companies can maintain productive business communication with participants from different countries and time zones.

The platform is open 24/7, allowing thought leaders to provide input at their own convenience, fostering a pressure-free environment that encourages more insights and better decisions.

This round-the-clock accessibility not only strengthens relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), healthcare professionals, and internal stakeholders worldwide, but also boosts patient engagement and reach.


Virtual advisory boards are a cost-effective alternative to traditional in-person meetings.

They eliminate travel restrictions and associated costs, making them a financially savvy choice for pharmaceutical companies.

By saving on travel, accommodation, and venue costs, companies can allocate more resources to research and development, ultimately benefiting patients.

This cost-effectiveness extends beyond financial savings.

The virtual format also saves valuable time, allowing participants to focus more on the discussion at hand rather than logistical concerns.

Compliance and Transparency

In the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, compliance is key.

Virtual ad boards ensure full transparency and adherence to ethical and legal requirements.

This not only protects the company but also builds trust among participants, fostering stronger relationships and more meaningful interactions.

The virtual format also allows for real-time tracking and recording of discussions, ensuring that all interactions are documented and can be reviewed for compliance purposes.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Virtual advisory boards offer innovative tools for communication and collaboration.

Features like online voting, document tracking, and audio recording complement written comments, ensuring comprehensive communication.

This allows for a more thorough discussion and a richer collection of insights.

The virtual format also enables a more structured dialogue, with powerful moderation tools that promote maximum participation.

These features, combined with the flexibility of the platform, make virtual advisory boards a powerful tool for gathering feedback and honing in on the insights that matter most.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Virtual advisory boards in the pharmaceutical industry offer unparalleled accessibility and flexibility.

The virtual advisory board platform is open 24/7, allowing participants from different countries and time zones to engage at their convenience.

This flexibility extends to the format of the discussions as well. With features like online voting and document tracking, participants can engage in a manner that suits them best, whether it’s through written comments, audio recordings, or a combination of both.

Moreover, the virtual format allows for modifications to be made swiftly and efficiently. Unlike physical events that are restricted by location and space, virtual advisory boards can be scaled up or down to accommodate any number of participants.

This flexibility ensures that the platform can adapt to the changing needs of the pharmaceutical companies and their advisors, ensuring that the discussions remain productive and insightful.

Enhanced Reach and Participant Engagement

Virtual advisory boards significantly enhance the reach of pharmaceutical companies.

By eliminating geographical barriers, these platforms allow companies to engage with thought leaders, healthcare professionals, and internal stakeholders worldwide.

This global reach not only diversifies the insights gathered but also strengthens relationships with key opinion leaders and healthcare professionals across the globe.

In addition to enhancing reach, virtual advisory boards also boost participant engagement. The platform’s features, such as email digests and group messages, remind advisors to log in, contribute, and respond, prompting deeper, more actionable insights.

Furthermore, the platform’s powerful moderation tools ensure maximum participation, fostering a more thorough discussion and a richer collection of insights.

The combination of enhanced reach and participant engagement makes virtual advisory boards a powerful tool for pharmaceutical companies to gather feedback and hone in on the insights that matter most.

Benefits for Thought Leaders

For thought leaders, virtual advisory boards offer numerous benefits. They can continue to provide undisrupted care for their patients while participating in important discussions.

The elimination of travel headaches and the opportunity to connect with leading experts worldwide are additional advantages.

Regular notifications and updates keep them engaged and informed, enhancing their contribution to the advisory board.

Moreover, the virtual format allows them to engage on their own time, wherever they are, making it a more convenient and less disruptive option.

Fostering Stronger Relationships with Pharmaceutical Companies

Virtual advisory boards also facilitate stronger relationships between thought leaders and pharmaceutical companies.

The ongoing nature of these virtual platforms allows for continuous engagement, as opposed to one-off in-person meetings.

This regular interaction fosters a sense of partnership and collaboration, with thought leaders feeling more engaged and valued.

Furthermore, the transparency of virtual advisory boards builds trust.

Thought leaders can see how their feedback is being used and the impact it has on the decision-making process.

This visibility not only reinforces the value of their contributions but also encourages them to continue actively participating in future discussions.

The result is a stronger, more productive relationship between thought leaders and pharmaceutical companies, driving better outcomes for all parties involved.

Services Provided by Virtual Advisory Board Platforms

Virtual advisory board platforms offer a range of services to ensure smooth and effective advisory board meetings.

These include thought leaders mapping for the virtual advisory board, preparation of scientific agenda, validation of presentations, full IT support, and final advisory board report preparation.

These services ensure that the virtual meetings are as productive and insightful as possible.

The platforms also offer robust functionality like social listening, a disease community dashboard, and AI-powered tools to analyze accumulated data, providing a comprehensive solution for virtual advisory board needs.

Case Studies and Testimonials

The effectiveness of virtual advisory boards is evident in the success stories of top pharmaceutical companies.

For instance, a medical affairs team was able to add value to in-person meetings by incorporating a virtual format.

This hybrid approach allowed for a combination of face-to-face interaction and online discussion, resulting in richer insights and more engaged advisors.

Testimonials from industry leaders further underscore the value of virtual advisory boards, with many citing double the cost savings and double the volume and specificity of insights from programs run on virtual platforms.

Services Provided by CredoWeb in organizing Virtual Advisory Boards

CredoWeb offers full support when organizing virtual advisory boards – from the specialized virtual platform to project management support to ensure smooth and effective running of the project.

Our team can help you coordinate activities with your chosen KOLs, prepare invitations, marketing materials and format scientific materials and presentations.

We provide full IT assistance in signing up of KOLs to the platform, monitoring if they join and answer all questions on time, reminding them if they are missing a deadline.

Our professional video team can organize any virtual meetings and presentations part of your virtual advisory board adding branding, interactive and animated elements.

The advisory board concludes with a full transcript and activity report.

These services ensure that the virtual meetings are as productive and insightful as possible.

CredoWeb’s platform also offers robust functionalities like social listening, multiple interactive formats and scenarios for advisory boards to choose from. BI tool with analytical data, and AI-powered tools to analyze accumulated data, providing a comprehensive solution for virtual advisory board needs.

Recopilación de información más rápida y eficaz

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  • Mezcle formatos y estructure los temas;
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The shift towards virtual advisory boards represents a significant advancement in the pharmaceutical industry.

By offering a platform for efficient, cost-effective, and transparent discussion, virtual ad boards are transforming the way pharmaceutical companies engage with healthcare professionals and gather feedback.

As technology continues to evolve, the potential for virtual advisory boards is limitless.

They are not just a temporary solution to the challenges posed by the current global situation, but a long-term strategy for enhancing collaboration, improving decision-making, and driving innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Embrace the future of advisory board meetings. Consider implementing a virtual advisory board for your pharmaceutical company today.

With the right platform and support, you can foster meaningful relationships with thought leaders, gather valuable insights, and make better decisions for the benefit of your clients and patients.

Contact our CredoWeb team for more information on how our virtual advisory board platform can revolutionize your advisory board meetings.

The future is virtual, and the future is now.


What is a virtual advisory board?

A virtual advisory board is an online platform that facilitates discussion, collaboration, and engagement among a group of experts or thought leaders. Unlike traditional in-person meetings, virtual advisory boards allow participants to engage from any location and at any time, making them a flexible and accessible solution for gathering insights and feedback.

What is an advisory board in pharma?

An advisory board in pharma is a group of experts, often including healthcare professionals and thought leaders, who provide strategic advice and insights to a pharmaceutical company. They play a crucial role in guiding the company’s research and development efforts, providing feedback on clinical trials, and helping to shape marketing and sales strategies.

What does a clinical advisory board do?

A clinical advisory board, often found in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, provides expert advice on clinical practices and research. This can include guidance on clinical trial design, interpretation of study results, and advice on the development and implementation of new therapies or medical devices. The board typically consists of healthcare professionals, researchers, and clinicians who have expertise in a specific therapeutic area.

How often should advisory boards meet?

The frequency of advisory board meetings can vary depending on the needs of the organization and the nature of the topics under discussion. Some advisory boards may meet monthly, while others may meet quarterly or biannually. It’s important for organizations to schedule meetings in a way that allows for meaningful discussion and feedback, while also respecting the time commitments of the board members. In the case of virtual advisory boards, meetings might be more frequent due to the convenience and flexibility of the virtual format.