Garantizar la excelencia en el lanzamiento: adoptar nuevas tecnologías que lleven el compromiso científico al siguiente nivel

During this year’s eyeforpharma virtual event, CredoWeb Founder, Dr Peter Velev, MD, speaks on the topic “Guarantee launch excellence – adopt new technologies driving scientific engagement to the next level”. 

The main issues that Dr Velev is addressing are how to:

  • align key stakeholders behind your launch during emergency situations through technology that enhances cross-market interactive professional networking
  • enhance your value proposition by creating scalable scientific engagement across the globe with KOLs
  • deliver advanced analytics across pre and post launch communities through world-class customer data management integration

How to face the issue with limited contacts with doctors in the COVID-19 situation? How to ensure international launch excellence and what are the new technological solutions?

Learn about National Virtual Events and Networking rooms. See what are the opportunities of special statistics dashboards that give detailed information about the points of contact with your targeted customers.

Watch the full presentation here: