Pharma Awards Europe 2020 - Nominación de CredoWeb a la Transformación Ágil

CredoWeb in partnership with  pharma company Ecopharm, has been selected among the finalists for eyeforpharma 2020 awards. 

Our case is among the 5 finalists for the nomination Most Promising Agile Transformation together with companies like Boehringer Ingelheim, Roche, Sanofi and Pfizer.  Last year, we were finalists in the category Most Valuable HCP initiative. The project we presented together with Ecopharm was Virtual Cardio Academy.

Case in point 2020

The 2020 pandemic  situation.  We can clearly divide our transformation in three parts: before COVID – 19, during the COVID – 19 pandemic lockdown and the “New normal” that we currently live in. 


Ecopharm  as a brand generic company, uses CredoWeb with its multiple channels to develop different initiatives and campaigns for HCPs and patients. The company started few years ago by inviting doctors to online discussions on different topics and continued to expand its educational activities. 

During the COVID – 19 lockdown – new formats

This is when Ecopharm had to be most creative and introduce new formats.

A number of live webinars were created, followed by closed month-long asynchronous discussions (a forum-like place in the CredoWeb platform where HCPs are able to find the webinar videos on demand, supplemented by additional materials, and can post comments, ask questions or share professional cases from their practice). 

What we did different was two-pronged approach.  On one hand, we have national virtual events where all the HCPs from the country can participate.  On the other, a local event with less and more close participants engages them proactively on a different more personal networking level.

National events:

Starting webinar with live questions and answers/ Webinar made available on-demand/ 4-week-long discussion (not live streaming) building on the topic of the webinar/ Newsletters summarizing the discussed topics sent to targeted groups/ Customer experience – moderators and participants feedback & testimonials.

Regional events:

Regional activities for different specialties/ Participants are invited by local MSRs/ Presented content is partially from national virtual events and partially specially designed for the local groups/ Regional and local point of view/ Regional networking based on common interests/ Regional and national KOLs join to moderate different panels.

The New Normal

With CredoWeb tools, by interacting and analyzing engagement responses for different formats and activities,  Ecopharm can now more precisely segment each customer according to their interests and preferred channel of communication:

  • Each MSR has a daily, weekly and monthly targets for digital communication, along with their offline targets. 
  • Feedback and analytics from both offline and online approach are fed into the marketing loop to better prepare the MSRs for a conversation or just a sample delivery.
  • More synergic combination of the efforts of the field force, medical and marketing teams. 

Metrics used

We follow many different metrics for each campaign activity among which the number of conversations in each discussion, number of engaged specialists by region, age, specialty, number of digital brand touch points we created, notifications read, newsletter open rates, individual engagement with a piece of content etc.

Key outcomes that have been achieved up to date

The different models of educational interactive activities have become a trademark for the company. We gather regular formal and informal feedback as well as testimonials to better understand the needs of the HCPs.


  • Digital brand touch points have reached more than 10 per month per customer;
  • Engagement with the content is also increasing with cumulative participants for the first 6 months of 2020 being close to 9000;
  • Communication between participants have increased this year and reaches now more than 89 conversations per event; 
  • Value-added organic content created and used on multiple channels;
  • Multiple opportunities for networking;
  • Establishing brand advocates; 
  • Number of doctors engaged in e-learning  rising steadily;
  • Sales have been rising above the market. 

Overview of the work and awards presentations

You will be able to view our project  on eyeforpharma platform which is open for 3 weeks from the 28th September. 

The Awards presentations will take place over three days, 19-21st October, where all the winners will be revealed.