Biblioteca multinacional de casos de pacientes con cáncer de mama y votación

Case Study


A pharma company wanted to present breast cancer patient cases and their therapy solutions from different countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Oncologists in the region were invited to review the cases and vote for the most significant one for their practice. Live webinar with discussion was organized in the end of the project.


  • Part 1: Vote: To review 10 impactful clinical cases for a 2-weeks period and vote for the most significant one. 3 cases with most votes were selected after that.
  • Part 2: Live webinar: Reunion of all participants so that everybody could see the 3 clinical cases in detail and be part of high level scientific discussion. Each case was presented by the respective oncologist.

Solution: 2-part project in CredoWeb digital platform

Part 1: Vote

A secret digital space was exclusively developed in CredoWeb digital platform. All 10 cases were presented in the Landing page by a patient’s avatar, title and case summary. All 10 oncologists were also presented with their photos and names.

Technical requirements

  • Enabling voting – each invited doctor had one unique vote, which could be changed during the voting period;
  • Randomization of the cases order;
  • Progress bar which showed how many case were reviewed by each participant;
  • Subpages were created for each patient’s case;
  • Each Doctors presented with name, place of practice and country;
  • Each clinical case page contained summary of the clinical case, attached PPT with the case and voting option;
  • Custom dashboard with pre-defined KPIs for the pharma team;
  • Branded e-invitations and reminders, based on agreed schedule

Part 2: Webinar in CredoMeet tool

The live webinar was hosted in CredoMeet digital tool. The event lasted 1,5 hours. 76 doctors in total were present during the live discussions moderated by a internationally reknowned KOL.


  • 108 oncologists visited the patient cases landing page
  • 78 oncologists voted for a case
  • 00:06:34 – Average time for 1 session in the Clinical Cases landing page
  • 1.4 – Average number of days in which doctors visited the Clinical cases page
  • 579 – Number of visits in the Clinical cases subpages
  • 00:02:37 – Average time for 1 session in a Clinical case PPT presentation
  • 76 oncologists from 10 countries participated in the live webinar

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