Boehringer Ingelheim experience with the hybrid model of work

Johannes Farkas, Country Head Bulgaria, shares his experience (VIDEO)

What the working culture in big companies will be in future and how company management can motivate the team to give their best for top achievements? Johannes Farkas, Country Head Bulgaria for Boehringer Ingelheim, shares some answers.

The company adopted many changes during the pandemic:

Changes were needed such as switching overnight from office work to home office, improving IT capabilities and all necessary precautions for their employees while changing contacts with doctors and hospitals to remote communication, said Mr Farkas. Тhe role of the leader is becoming more and more important compared to past years, he added.

In this video Mr Farkas explains the innovative and unconventional solutions the company adopted to ensure the best working conditions for their employees.

  • “Random Coffee” – the idea was to connect random employees from different teams to have 30-minutes virtual coffee with each other.
  • Well-being project – regular online sessions about self-motivation, handling anxieties, depression and work-life balance.

Mr Farkas has an interesting vision how the company will operate in future. He is convinced that the HCPs have adopted the hybrid model of communication with pharma companies and this brings many positives for them.

Watch the full conversation of Peter Galev with Johannes Farkas, Managing Director / Country Head Bulgaria in the video