The Flex Space Model – how Amgen revolutionized its working model during the pandemic

The COVID pandemic was the main driver for changes in company working models and employees’ living routines – changes that are here to stay.

An international pharma company seized the opportunity to work out and adopt a much more flexible model of doing business that was endorsed by the whole team and also by the health care professionals.

Krassimira Chemishanska, MD, Country Director of Amgen Bulgaria , shared with CredoWeb platform how you can continue to be successful in business if you react quickly in critical times.

Amgen company adopted important measures among which:

  • Created Crisis Management Team – “Incident Management team” with clear priorities for action
  • The Flex Space Model – completely different and innovative way of working was introduced. The new model provides the freedom to prioritize team work and plan private time and work time, still making responsibility and accountability the main pillars of successful business. The company continues to use this model and it will stay for the future as it proved to be very efficient and people endorsed it.
  • The hybrid model in approaching the customers – health care professionals. Apart from face to face meetings, remote interactions through different channels are already key among doctors from different parts of the world.
  • Change the model of medicine supply – Amgen owned warehouse with 3 months’ stock opened recently in Bulgaria.
  • Decision making process in critical times – informative and quick reaction is a must for the successful pharma leader.

How to be a leader and to be innovative in critical times – listen to the Video interview with Krassimira Chemishanska, MD, Country Director of Amgen Bulgaria.

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