Support online continuous medical education (eCME)

Interactive medical

Take learning to the next level with our intuitive online platform and experienced team that will help you organizecontinuous medical education that truly helps physicians.

  • Full eLearning management – concept, video shooting, invitations and reporting;

  • Support in accreditation of e-learnings and issuing participation certificates;

  • Analysis of HCPs behavior and digital preferences.

Refresh, upgrade and expand knowledge


Give physicians flexibility with CMEs that are accessible at any time and from any device.

Multiple content scenarios

Mix reading materials and videos, share guidelines, updates, reviews or presentations.

Intuitive user flow

Make learning easy with intuitive progress bar, catalogue of topics and filters.

Flexible options to test knowledge

Summarize key takeaways and check knowledge with tests, quizzes and interactive patient cases.

Partnership with medical associations

Let us support you in the accreditation of your CME with the local medical

Partnership with KOLs

Delegate us the coordination of communication with lecturers and creation of the CME.


Hybrid learning

Mix online and offline formats like hybrid symposiums where learning continues virtually.

Building and hosting of eLearning courses

Setting up a secure virtual environment with a range of educational materials, uploaded videos with option to synchronize presentations, tests and quizzes. The eLearning could be open to all interested physicians or only to invited ones.


Invitations could be sent to specific target groups. You can invite physicians based on their specialty or previous engagement with your activities. If a course has multiple lessons, separate invitations could be sent to each one.

Tailor-made newsletters

Newsletters can include abstracts, key notes or satisfactions surveys to ensure physicians engagement. Reminders provide information about lessons already reviewed and upcoming lessons.

Video presentations and branding

Filming, editing and animation of video presentations. Design of visual creatives such as cover pictures, banners in different sizes, header of newsletters in line with your brand styleguide.

eLearning certificates

Rewarding physicians for completing courses with CME points and certificates uploaded to their profiles.

Statistics & Analytics data

Custom build BI tool with information about the user journey of participants and their engagement. Final report with a summary of all achieved KPIs.

Client success stories

Listen to the pharma experts 

“We feel comfortable, knowing the environment is secure and accessible only for verified medical specialists. We organized virtual events and through KOL and peer-to-peer communication we reach our targeted groups of doctors.”

“The feedback from the HCPs on the advisory boards we did is quite positive.We are happy from CredoWeb’s collaborative spirit and enthusiasm to implement all the requests from our side into the platform and support us.”

“As part of our ongoing marketing digitalization we regularly completed projects in CredoWeb in the past years and used the platform’s services portfolio in its entirety.”