Support patient journey and therapy adherence

Putting patient needs at the center of the therapy

Creating a virtual community for confidence and support during treatment in a protected microsite for patients, their caregivers and physicians:

  • Monitoring of patients’ condition and management of side effects

  • Regular online access to a medical specialist who answer therapy questions

  • Decreased probability of dropping out in the course of treatment

Support and patient confidence during treatment

Doctors at the helm

Give patients access to leading specialists who answer their questions and concerns.

Understandable language

Help patients get reliable and well structured information about the treatment.

Quicker contact with the medical team

Improve convenience of communication compared to personal visits and phone calls.

Monitoring of patient’s condition

Improve treatment control and help HCPs collect real world data and observations.

Management of treatment side effects

Support of patients when they experience side effects increases therapy adherence.

Patient community

Provide a space for psychological support through positive practices sharing.


No fear, no mistrust, no feeling of loneliness

HCPs are committed to answering patients’ and caregivers’ questions regularly.

Microsite – protected digital space

Microsite including virtual patient support group, well-structured information about the disease and treatment, FAQs and other resources. Access is given only to people with the specific disease or on the specific treatment.

Multiple panels

Communication structured in different sections. For example in oncology treatments these could be cancer localization or different types of therapy. Create different spaces for conversations: patient-doctor, patient-patient or for caregivers.

Patients invitations

Patients are invited to the group by doctors or patient organizations. They can receive a digital or SMS invitation or a leaflet with a QR code and short URL.

Security of patient data

Patient groups are accessible only by invited participants. Patient’s identity is protected and only doctors full names, everyone else sees initials. We follow the highest industry standards for data protection and encryption.

Personal messaging with doctor

In addition to group patient suppor, there is an option to allow patients to ask questions to doctors in one-to-one messages and receive personal answers, invisible to others.

Content and reminders

Articles, videos and FAQs for patients to read before asking questions. When HCPs answer questions, they create organic content benefiting everyone in the group. Integrate custom reminders about upcoming check ups, laboratory tests, document submittion and daily drugs intake.

Client success stories

Listen to the pharma experts 

“We feel comfortable, knowing the environment is secure and accessible only for verified medical specialists. We organized virtual events and through KOL and peer-to-peer communication we reach our targeted groups of doctors.”

“The feedback from the HCPs on the advisory boards we did is quite positive.We are happy from CredoWeb’s collaborative spirit and enthusiasm to implement all the requests from our side into the platform and support us.”

“As part of our ongoing marketing digitalization we regularly completed projects in CredoWeb in the past years and used the platform’s services portfolio in its entirety.”

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