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CredoWeb is web and mobile based agile solution for the digital marketing in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries - your Digital Marketing Office
Where we are already present

CredoWeb serves as social media platform for promoting healthy living, giving users direct access to the most relevant health expert information


We want CredoWeb to become the world’s leading digital healthcare connector, providing solutions to ease up communication between all health stakeholders

Benefits for the stakeholders

Patients use CredoWeb to solve health problems that they or their beloved ones have. They search reliable health information, which can be trusted, because it comes directly from experts, not from anonymous sources. CredoWeb helps them find their relevant health specialists, hospitals and services. Patients ask for health advice, discuss health topics, look for recommended specialists or share their experience. Patients use CredoWeb as a digital tool that can improve their quality of life.

  • Find the medical expert and hospital you need
  • Get an expert advice
  • Subscribe to the latest information according to your interests in healthcare
Medical experts

Healthcare specialists use CredoWeb as a professional digital tool to connect with others and create impact in the medical society. They join the CredoWeb network to publish articles and share their experience with colleagues, subscribe to the latest medical information and take part in virtual discussions and events on national and regional level, related with their field and professional interests. They build stronger reputation as reliable specialists and stay close to their patients, colleagues and the industry.

  • Publish articles and share your experience with colleagues
  • Subscribe to the latest medical information
  • Take part in virtual discussions and events
  • Get closer to your patients
Healthcare companies

Use CredoWeb as a Digital Marketing Office. CredoWeb provides the industry with highly customizable multichannel marketing instruments, which can be used on national and cluster and national level. This arsenal lets the company fully exploit the opportunities of digital marketing and digital transformation. They can add value to the medical society by initiating virtual discussions or collaborative e-learnings with Key Opinion Leaders for physicians, improve the community listening of the target group and increase the reputation of the company. In CredoWeb companies may build communities around topics and products and topics to achieve stronger awareness among targeted stakeholders. Secure, easy to use and manage, CredoWeb is a powerful tool enhancing the relationship, engagement and loyalty of medical professionals and patients.

  • A variety of digital multichannel marketing tools
  • Accurate audience targeting
  • Build up your reputation through interactive knowledge-sharing
  • Enhance communication between MSRs and physicians
Healthcare facilities

Use CredoWeb to share their values to keep their patients in good health and to support their brand reputation. They join the CredoWeb network to build an online presence and show the team of professionals they work with, what services and equipment that they offer. Healthcare facilities share their experience to position themselves as expert in a specific medical field to attract more patients and build trust with doctors.

  • Present your areas of specialisation, services and equipment
  • Build the online presence of your expert team
  • Support your reputation through knowledge-sharing
  • Target your audience accurately
  • Enhance communication with referring physicians and patients

CredoWeb is rapidly expanding!