Virtual Advisory Board

New generation insights and market research prior to product launch

Faster and more effective insights-gathering

Make insights-gathering convenient and enjoyable to your advisors and your team. Our flexible solution for interactive online discussion will bring to life your idea about the perfect advisory board:

  • Mix formats and structure topics;

  • Engage HCPs on convenient time, place and device 24/7 access;

  • We will help you on national, cluster, international level.

Increased quality and quantity of insights


Get feedback faster and don’t waste time on scheduling and travelling.

Increased engagement

Interactive online discussions engage advisors to contribute equally

Higher rate of participation

Advisors value being independent of time and place constrains

Comprehensive answers

Virtual advisory boards give HCPs more time to prepare resulting in better quality answers

Multinational panels

Invite advisors from around the globe conveniently

Intrigued contributors

Online means fun – there are endless possibilities to mix communication formats


Out of the box scenarios and creative thinking

Prepare clinical cases, invite doctors to review, vote and select the best of them, present the top performers,
pick up the most valuable ideas

Own branded space

We create your own custom branded environment where you can invite your advisors and control who is part of your panel. Your advisors have 24/7 access and can share their thoughts at their convenience.

Interactive content

Use a mix of of formats to spice up communication with advisors. Involve introductory video with moderating advisor, pre-read materials, clinical cases, kick-off and closing meetings, progress bar. Sky is the limit.

Comprehensive insights

Use a easy to navigate list of questions to help advisors structure their answers. Allow advisors to comment on their colleagues’ answers to deepen the discussion. Get quantitative and qualitative expert report summarizing all insights.

Stimulate advisors’ activity

Send custom reminders to keep the pace of the advisory board. Get advisors’ feedback on the format to ensure their satisfaction and improve communication in the future.

Client success stories

Listen to the pharma experts 

“We feel comfortable, knowing the environment is secure and accessible only for verified medical specialists. We organized virtual events and through KOL and peer-to-peer communication we reach our targeted groups of doctors.”

“The feedback from the HCPs on the advisory boards we did is quite positive.We are happy from CredoWeb’s collaborative spirit and enthusiasm to implement all the requests from our side into the platform and support us.”

“As part of our ongoing marketing digitalization we regularly completed projects in CredoWeb in the past years and used the platform’s services portfolio in its entirety.”