HCPs interactive exchange of knowledge and experience

Building HCPs’ groups around important topics

Value HCPs’ busy schedules and offer them a format that is flexible and useful at the same time. Instead of the usual webinar, invite physicians to discussion groups that offer bite-sized learning, networking and engagement at their convenience.

  • Asynchronous communication between HCPs available 24/7 over several weeks;
  • KOL led discussion – unique way for HCPs to learn from experts in the field;
  • Practical Q&A session for real impact on doctors’ practice.

Beyond the webinar

Huge audience

Attract HCPs with a flexible, time and place independent format that spans over 4 weeks.

KOL leading discussion

Invite leading specialists to present the topic, answer questions and share expertise.


Offer non-linear communication between peers to ask, share, act, search, comment.

Bite-size content

Win busy HCPs with concise information – short intro video, Q&A,discussion

Multiple touch points

Send HCPs invitations, messages, newsletters and abstracts to reach up to 10 points of contact.

Building audience over time

Leverage engagement of HCPs by organizing a series of discussions pannels on the same page.


Feedback and insights

Listen to HCPs questions and concerns and improve future product and therapy communication.

Brandend discussion group

Custom branded environment where you can invite your targeted HCPs. Choose to make the discussion visible to any HCP who wants to join or restrict it only to invited participants. Physicians can read and comment at their convenience with 24/7 access over 4 weeks.

Mix of content

Short KOL video introduction of the discussion topic, questions and answers, comments and likes, polls, interactive patient cases and additional resources in a variety of formats – articles, presentations, PDFs etc. to make the discussion informative and alive.

Reaching the right audience

Technical solution for easy HCPs user journey for HCPs from your database to reach your digital activities in CredoWeb. Using our programmatic marketing solutions to target HCPs in social networks and Google and reach new HCPs.

eInvitations and abstracts

Invitations could be sent to specific target groups. You can invite physicians based on their specialty or previous engagement with your activities. If a discussion has multiple panels, separate invitations could be sent to each one. Midway and final summaries are sent to participants to help them get the key takeaways.

Pharmacovigilance monitoring

Monitoring tool that scans the CredoWeb for predefined keywords and sends alerts for possible reporting of adverse effects. Effective notification within 24 hours and assistance with the official report for the respective drug agency.

Statistics & Analytics data

Custom build BI tool with information about the user journey of participants and their engagement. Final report with a summary of all achieved KPIs.

Client success stories

Listen to the pharma experts 

“We feel comfortable, knowing the environment is secure and accessible only for verified medical specialists. We organized virtual events and through KOL and peer-to-peer communication we reach our targeted groups of doctors.”

“The feedback from the HCPs on the advisory boards we did is quite positive.We are happy from CredoWeb’s collaborative spirit and enthusiasm to implement all the requests from our side into the platform and support us.”

“As part of our ongoing marketing digitalization we regularly completed projects in CredoWeb in the past years and used the platform’s services portfolio in its entirety.”