For early diagnosis, better prophylaxis and prevention

Shorter way – from symptoms to diagnosis

Help patients navigate their patient journey from learning about the disease to finding the right doctor and starting a treatment. We will help you build and execute disease awareness campaigns that make a social impact.

  • Raise awareness and knowledge on the benefits and need for early diagnostic;
  • Improve prevention, quality of diagnosis and accelerate access to treatment;
  • Provide professional support to already diagnosed patients and their relatives;

Informed patients mean better health outcomes


Share reliable content – articles, videos and infographics – in cooperation with medical experts.

Finding doctors

Help patients in their search for experts
and make prophylaxis and
treatment easier.

New treatments

Highlight new guidelines presented in a simplified language for

Patient stories

Set a positive tone with patient success stories, good practices, exercises and healthy tips.

Influencers impact

Involve celebrities to motivate patients with their personal stories of suffering
and success.

Pacient centricity

Join forces with patient association
and launch activities through
mix of channels.


Patient groups lead by specialists

Invite patients in a secure space to ask questions, exchange experiences and get suppport

Creation and publishing of content

Setting up of a campaign landing page. Preparation of articles, interviews, educational videos, how to- videos, polls, surveys, score cards, etc.

Visual concept

Creation of eye-catching key visions, layouts, marketing materials in line with your brand styleguide.

Content placement

Positioning of content on premium positions for maximum visibiliy in sections with selected or recommended articles. Branding of topic pages for specific diseases and symptoms.

Content and advertisement distribution

Reaching wider audience through premium positions within CredoWeb platform, newsletters, social channels and Google display network. Setting up campaigns by predefined cluster of keywords, posting plan, tracking and reporting.

Search engine optimization

Optimizing content and landing pages following the best SEO standards and practices. Consultation on optimizing your own content and distribution channels.


Extending the patient journey through remarketing users who have already ainteracted with the campaign, content and activities. Additional messages, posts, banners will be shown to them through multichannel approach.

Client success stories

Listen to the pharma experts 

“We feel comfortable, knowing the environment is secure and accessible only for verified medical specialists. We organized virtual events and through KOL and peer-to-peer communication we reach our targeted groups of doctors.”

“The feedback from the HCPs on the advisory boards we did is quite positive.We are happy from CredoWeb’s collaborative spirit and enthusiasm to implement all the requests from our side into the platform and support us.”

“As part of our ongoing marketing digitalization we regularly completed projects in CredoWeb in the past years and used the platform’s services portfolio in its entirety.”