Hi Hybrid 2022 Awards – Exciting Initiatives Supporting HCPs through Hybrid Communication

7 exceptional initiatives

by pharmaceutical companies were evaluated in the competition Hi Hybrid!, part of the annual conference Pharma NextGen 2022 in Bulgaria. CredoWeb organizes the event for the forth consecutive year. This year, as part of the agenda, a jury of renowned representatives of the pharma industry, medical community and patient organizations awarded companies for their contribution in developing hybrid communication models supporting the continuous medical education and daily work of healthcare professionals.

“All projects the jury reviewed were of high value to HCPs and picking the winners was a hard task”, comments Eleonora Staykova, Client Solutions Director representing CredoWeb in the jury.

Boehringer Ingelheim wins the prize for most effective and innovative hybrid initiative for their launch of Jardiance. The jury praised the effectiveness with which the audience was seamlessly moved between online and offline events.

The special award for holistic hybrid approach was awarded to Ecopharm for their project “Omnichannel marketing – challenges, opportunities and solutions”. Ecopharm has successfully built their online communication with doctors and synched it with the work of MSRs over the years. Each year they see rising digital engagement and continue improving their digital activities based on HCPs’ feedback.

Amgen presented an exciting project aiming to increase awareness among HCPs of the osteoporosis, its risk factors and the social impact of the disease especially during COVID vaccination program. Combining online and offline activities the company aimed at explaining how osteoporosis treatment interacts with the available COVID vaccinations.

Montavit participated in Hi Hybrid! with the project “Positioning of Tavipec Forte for treatment of symptoms before during and after COVID-19”. Through an interesting and effective hybrid formula using virtual discussion and active participation of medical representatives, the company gave access to doctors to network of KOLs presenting the long clinical experience with the product and explaining aspects of the COVID treatment protocol.

In their initiative, Polpharma organized a cardiology forum giving access to both international and local KOLs to discuss the implications of COVID on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Doctors were invited to partake online, thus giving them the flexibility to choose the time and place from which to join the forum while still getting the most of their interaction with the KOLs.

Mirta Medicus used a hybrid approach to support doctors in their fight against viral infections, including COVID-19, amidst the pandemic. The company organized a virtual discussion with a KOL presenting the key phases of viral infections and how to treat them.

Alpen Pharma used an interactive platform for e-learning to create and engage physicians and pharmacists with a learning program about their Coldisept nanoSilver products. The company successfully used their medical representatives to invite their target group to take part in the e-learning, reaching over 1200 doctors and 800 pharmacists within 2 months.